Friday, June 5, 2009

My friend's Non-Fantastic Four

Hi friends and Readers, one of my colleagues (now friend too), Michael Mukharjee (an Indian) is pissed off from his college and he wrote something and shared with me. I think its wroth sharing with you too. Just go through it.
My Ex, Summers, Smoking and My College are the most distasteful icons into my hatred black box. I hate my Ex because she wasn’t good on bed so now she resides into my hatred black box. I hate summers because I hate perspiring, please mind, not sweating (only pigs sweat men perspire), this resides into my hatred black box too. I hate smoking because it infects my throat and makes my lips zipped for next 2-3 days (but I love cigarettes until I inhale), this is another one in my hatred black box. College I added this recently into my hatred black box because it‘s eating my pocket even now when it’s been more than two years since I left the college.
It ate my dad’s pocket for continuously four years and now it’s eating mine. The equation goes something like this, four years of studies and six years of fees, but mind you guys, the second half of the equation may get changed, it could be 10-20 years or even more depending on the college’s Supreme Court. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that there are two supreme courts India. One is for India which everybody knows and other is only known by my college I call this “Virtual Supreme Court” (VSC).
I do not know the exact figure but I joined at 35k p.a. when I was in freshman. In second year of my college I paid 40k. This 40k raised much hue and cry among my arduous batch mates but VSC arduously locked their lips and hands. The same episode I have seen in third year, statistics got little changed 40k turned into 50k and hue and cry turned into strikes and complaints. But all in vain reason the VSC of the college.

In graduation year same episode was repeated but with some different scenes. College, My College, ate 55k from my dad’s pocket instead of 50k. But I got a job, good friends and an engineering degree into my pocket. This was the same story with everybody which did not turn strikes into revolutions.

Anyways, it’s been two years, job going fine, life is good. Last week I decided to ask for the caution money from the college, which was 18k for me (5k+10K+3K). I stepped into college, my college; I met with my teachers and my juniors after two years. I felt nostalgic and I said “I wanna join college again”, that was very pleasant moment for me. I felt same as I feel after two bottles of beer. But the accounts department made the next moment very unpleasant when I asked for the caution money. They said “The fee has been increased to 60k and we have adjusted the caution money with that increment”. I said “I wanna join college again, but not this, for sure”.

I came home empty handed but with some rues and regrets. I asked myself “why the hell I have joined this college” and now I am in search of the person who suggested me this college, six years back. I wanna kill him.
That’s the only reason my college resides in my hatred black box now.
So Guys, please respond I’ll pass on your support and sympathy to my friend Michael.


  1. well, consider someone gratuating now. they pay same amount of tuition you paid, but they probably have hard time landing on the job.

  2. hi.. Liked ur blog.. :)
    Thanks for ur comments on my blog. Wanted to know where did u find my blog?