Saturday, January 3, 2009

Green Signal tests your Patience

Do you immediately start honking horn when the traffic signal turns green?

If ‘YES’ for above one. It reflects your high degree of impatience.

I always get irritated by irate drivers when they instantly honk horn as the signal turns to green. They do not even let me take a millisecond to accelerate my car. Either they want me to hit the leading car or fly over the traffic. I just stare them by my big eyes; after all they leave me with no option.

Everybody hates waiting; everybody wants to cross traffic signal sooner; nobody likes to stick in the traffic. Honking horn can never lessen the traffic. Traffic will be cleared only when it finds its way. Leading vehicle will give you pass when it will get too. So what is the use of honking horn?

It solves no purpose rather increases one’s annoyance, your impatience and of course noise pollution.....

So next time when you get stuck in traffic think once, not twice, before honking horn.


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