Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Year Resolution

Adieus to 2008, a year full terrorism, full of recession, full of cricket trophies (Thanks to Dhoni) , full of experiments (LHC & Chandrayaan), and Full of Democracy (election of Barack Obama).

As last second of 2008 is approaching I am getting busier & busier telling my friends my New Year Resolution which is “Be more health conscious”. Every day when I switch on my laptop it shows me the wallpaper which invariably reminds me those four words.

I realized, during my knee surgery, the importance of good health. I have come across the most painful days of my life and now I know what pain is? I am just a step away from being the happiest. ‘Cause a wise man has said “what else can be added to the happiness of a man who is in good health, out of debt and has a clear conscience.” I do not keep credit cards so out of debt; sorry to the credit card brokers, I have a clear conscience; at least my friends know this. The rest is health on which I am working pretty harder.

But why I am so selfish? Why there is nothing in my mind about the society? Yesterday I met with my friend’s younger sister, aged around 12 years. She asked about my New Year resolution and I asked for her. And she said “Increasing awareness on world peace”. Her words have enough gravity and utmost importance. I said “God bless you. May Jesus fulfill your resolution.” What else I could say after that eye opening answer from a 12 years old girl.

In fact now I am sincerely thinking for her resolution, and mine too. May Jesus fulfill our resolutions? A warm welcome to New Year. May this Year bring Lots of Peace, Happiness and Prosperity in the world.

Happy New Year !!!!!
Cheers !!!!

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  1. Great work!
    It was nice to see your comments on my blog.
    Just wanted to know that from where did you find my blog?